Time. Money. Freedom.
What most business owners sign up for but, never achieve.
The Association is the community for business owners who want the profit and lifestyle they originally signed up for.
Why Apply?
Every business owner knows that 10 minutes with the right person can literally change everything.

The ASSOCIATION is your ticket into a community that will support your growth by making strategic introductions and sharing information that will affect your bottom line and the total trajectory of your business and life.

You can model the best systems, process and techniques that are working today and deploy them in your business right away.
It Puts YOU Into A Room Full Of "The Right People" 
Sadly, most business owners I meet these days are caught in the trap of working crazy hours for a shitty amount of profit and are being influenced by people who have no idea how to build a quality business.

The Association aligns you with a community of business owners who share common goals and values.
As a result, you’ll get to where you are going faster and be inspired to go after bigger things.

The intent of the community is not to be about the latest internet marketing loopholes or social media trends.

The focus of the group is to help you on your path to building a highly profitable and scalable business that can work without you.

It’s to open up opportunities that wouldn’t exist without the community. 

It’s to pool resources and collaborate to make special things happen. 

It’s to bring business owners together to create something that wasn’t possible on their own.
What is THE Association?
Think of The Association like a members golf club but, for business owners. 

The core value of The Association comes from two.

1) The connections, relationships, ideas, and wisdom shared between the members
2) The push it creates to think bigger and go beyond what they are currently believe is achievable

We often bring in some hand-picked experts to teach the group and bring up the skill level of the community. (Please note we only bring in experts who have done the thing they are teaching)

The members of The Association get together on a regular basis to:
Discuss Whats working 
Now in business
Identify common challenges and how to overcome them
Learn to Build A Business That Can Scale Past you
Create Strong Business Relationships
Learn from proven experts and Those who have done it
In Person Meet-ups 
and live events 
The key difference between The Association and other similar groups is the focus on creating leverage
how do i know if i'm a good fit?
  • You understand “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” 
  •  You have or want to build a highly profitable and scalable business 
  • You want to build strong business relationships and strategic alliances
  • You believe that in business 1+1 equals more than 2
  • You are willing participate in the community
  •  You are willing to contribute your own skills and resources
  • You operate your business from a place of integrity 
  • You identify as a business owner (not self-employed or freelancer)
  • You are passed the 6 figure annual revenue $$$  
  • You have a team and or are looking to hire team
  •  You invest in your own education
How do i join?
Membership is by APPLICATION ONLY.

Everyone must apply and be vetted to make sure they are a good fit.
Even if you meet the criteria above it does not guarantee entry.

Part of what makes The Association so good is the quality of the people in it. Keeping the standard of people who join high is a big priority to us.

Members often do Joint Venture deals together and we must limit the risk of any bad eggs trying to take advantage of other people or businesses.

If approved, membership dues are $299AUD Per Month. 

This investment is non-negotiable. 

If it seems expensive or out of reach, that's probably a good sign that you're not a good fit for this group.
If I’m accepted what are the member benefits?
  •    Access to a community of VERY smart business owners
  •    You will learn how to create more leverage in your business
  •    Joint venture and strategic alliance opportunities
  •    In person meetups and live events
  •    Regular trainings and guest expert sessions to upgrade your skills
  •    You get to see what's working NOW in business as members share what strategies and tactics are getting results
  •    Promotion opportunities to grow your business
  •    Live member Q&A calls 
  •    Access to "The Association" facebook group
  •    Access to the "build a business that works without you" training course
  •    Members training library to develop your "business owner" skills further
  •    Your business will be featured on the Joint Venture Board. (See Image Below)
meet the founders
Charley Valher
Co-Founder of Outsourcing Angel
Co-Founder and Creator of The Association
Co host of “Confessions of A Business Owner” podcast
Kim Barrett
Founder and CEO of Your Social Voice
Co-Founder and Creator of The Association
Co host of “Confessions of A Business Owner” podcast
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