"The Vast Majority Of Small Business Owners Are Chronically Overworked And Severely Underpaid…”
...This Is What The Small Minority ARE DOING.." 
This information and community will change the way you do business forever.
If you want something different for your life and to buck the trend of the majority 
then you need to read every word on this page..
The Association Is An Underground Movement Of Entrepreneurs, Bucking The Trend Of What’s Popular..
Any Of These Statements Sound Familiar?
“We just need more leads” 
"Being a business owner means working 7 days a week"
 “I can never find good people”
“If I just had more hours in the day”
"We don't need systems till later on"
“You have to work 60+ hours a week to be successful”

The Association Members Are Raking In Profits
 Every Single Month And Proving All Of These Ideas..
Australian Small Business Owners
 Are In Crisis
Hustling a business to stay afloat, many entrepreneurs are working longer hours than doctors and getting paid far less.

When you started your business, did you sign up to work longer
 than a doctor and get paid less? I don’t think so. 
My name’s Charley Valher, and I’m a business owner just like you.
You’re probably here because you want something more for your business and your life.
The results you are currently getting are just not cutting it.

You might even be suffering from Entrepreneurial Burnout, a condition where no matter how many hours you put into your business, you don’t seem to be making real progress to achieving the vision you had for your business. 

I was exactly at this point myself. 
I had founded a digital agency in Melbourne and built it to hiring 15 staff and turning over $90,000 Per month. 

“Success!” some might say and sure, the revenue afforded a certain lifestyle for me and my partner. The problem was, I didn’t have the time or peace of mind to enjoy it. 

* I worked 60+ hours a week
* My staff needed me all the time (adult day care)
* I could never take time off because the business needed me
* My health was declining rapidly
* My relationship was on the rocks
* I barely saw my friends and family

It felt like a spinning top that could fall over at any moment. 

I could never relax. 
Here’s a photo of me at this time I was constantly ON, checking my phone incessantly, I couldn’t even relax and be present with my fiance on a special occasion.

I was unhappy and hated what I had built.
I met a business owner one day who did things differently. 

He was also running an agency around the same size as mine, but there was a distinct difference. He was super chilled out, and he was really really good at kiteboarding! 
He wasn’t constantly checking his phone nervously like I was and he seemed at peace with himself. 

And here I was running what felt like adult daycare. It was a stark comparison. 

Who was this kiteboarding renegade? 

I was determined to learn how he had done it.

I said to him, “I don't care what it costs I need to learn how you did this”. 

He agreed and also made me promise I would one day pass on this wisdom, he took me under his wing and taught me an entirely new way of thinking…

It was like I was Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, or Neo taking the blue pill in the Matrix..
Here are some of the things I learned that I feel are my duty and privilege to pass on to you through the Association community 
A Business Is A Collection Of Systems To Produce Value, And It Should Work Better When You’re Not There. 
From getting leads to sales, to getting results, retention, and HR and finance, all the parts of a business can and should be systemised from the beginning, not later when you’re trying to scale. 
The Wonderland Effect
Willpower to change your results only gets you so far. Changing your environment and Associating with the people that have already accomplished what you want, accelerates change automatically. Alice behaved very differently once she arrived in Wonderland. 
The Power Of The Joint Venture
I was trying to do it all on my own and was struggling! I really learned that business is meant to be a team sport. When you leverage other’s strengths, your limitations disappear, and you can achieve what you never thought possible. 
A Journey Of Outsourcing
I met business owners who had leveraged entire specialist teams of over 50 entirely to the Philippines with outsourced management as well! Outsourcing yourself and your bottlenecks have never been this accessible. 
I sold my agency in a way that continues to pay me passive income. 

I leveraged joint ventures and co-founded an outsourcing company, Outsourcing Angel. 

We utilised outsourced staff and the right systems to scale Outsourcing Angel to $80,000 per month, 60+ staff and I only work on it 2 days a week (I scaled the right way this time). 
I get to wake up, not stressed but excited about my life. 

Every day I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. 
Linh Podetti, my business partner in Outsourcing Angel and I are scaling the right way.
What my life looks like now is I wake up Monday, drink my morning coffee, and allocate the week’s tasks to my outsourced team. 

I spend quality time with my partner, Bianca.
I go cycling 3 times a week, workout at the gym twice a week. 
I get to coach entrepreneurs to build a life and business they love and I get a thrill out of it. 
I get to choose what I work on, who I work with, and when I work on it.

We are location independent and have planned to do some more travel when it’s too cold in the Melbourne winter.
And now I have the headspace and profits to be able to give back. We’ve made Outsourcing Angel a social enterprise, and we reinvest profits to provide food and supplies to those in need in the Philippines. 

We’re also providing mentorship and training to create well-paid jobs for people in developing countries – starting with the Philippines.
Our Outsourcing Angel events in the Philippines educating communities. 

The Association is a select community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to doing something different with their business and life. 

They believe in leveraging their time, assets, and positioning their business for scale and social impact. 

We enable their success with training, events, resources, and joint ventures. 

The community are pulling back the curtain on their businesses sharing what’s working and not working for you to see in real time. 

If you qualify, you will access exclusive knowledge that is relevant and timely to your success, including: 
1. Systems That Work Like Clockwork (And even better when you’re not there)
If you qualify for The Association, we’ll work with you to engineer your systems in your business for maximum profit. 

We identify the bottlenecks and sticking points and share our tools, processes, and flows to streamline your frontend leads through to your backend delivery. 
2. Become Delegation Royalty
Outsourced staff from the Philippines or other countries offer immense power of arbitrage that you can put to work in your business now. 

Whether you’re looking to outsource a team of 10 or making your first hire, we know all the pitfalls and leverage points for building teams and can share our deep insights to make you an outsourcing superstar. 
3. Business Model Design & Planning: 
The Keys To Accelerate Profits 
When you get your business model and market selection right, you stop being a generalist body for hire and can start charging what you’re worth. This is where most businesses I speak to fall down. 

Their offer or target market is so broad and all-encompassing, and they’re moving without a plan, that trying to scale is not only very difficult but expensive. We help you pick the right niche that will multiply your incoming leads, makes referrals easier, and cut costs when hiring, all dramatically simplifying your long-term growth. 
4. Community & Follow Through
Get access to a community of business owners who are living the lifestyle you want. 

By Associating yourself with people who think differently, miraculous business results without “working your guts out” becomes the new normal for you.
In a world of chronic overwork, you will feel like you’ve woken up when most others are sleepwalking. 

When you mortgage your happiness and time with family now to make it in business, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Short term sacrifice is necessary, but at the cost of your health and close relationships, it’s not worth it. 

When you’re building a business that can operate even when you’re not there, you’re making time for what’s most important to you, and you’ve built an insurance policy for your family that should anything ever happen to you, they will be provided for. 

When I fell ill with severe glandular fever and was unable to work for 3 months, I knew my business was continuing to work away in the background supporting my family and me, and it actually increased in revenue while I was in the hospital! 

This is true peace of mind. 



Membership is by application only
Everyone must apply and be vetted to make sure they are a good fit.
Even if you meet the criteria above it does not guarantee entry.
Part of what makes The Association so good is the quality of the people in it. Keeping the standard of people who join high is a big priority for us.

Members often do Joint Venture deals together, and we must limit the risk of any bad eggs trying to take advantage of other people or businesses.

If approved, membership dues are $99 AUD Per Week. 

This investment is non-negotiable. 

If it seems expensive or out of reach, that's probably a good sign that you're not a good fit for this group.


-Monthly Trainings
-In person meetups
-Association Events
-Joint venture opportunities
-Access to "The Association" facebook group
-Mobile App
-Members training library
-Members Forum

-You Are Willing To Think Differently To The Majority Of Business Owners
-You understand “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” 
-You have or want to build a highly profitable and scalable business 
-You want to build strong business relationships and strategic alliances
-You believe that in business 1+1 equals more than 2
-You are willing to participate in the community
-You operate your business from a place of integrity 
-You identify as a business owner (not self-employed or freelancer)
-You are passed the 6 figure annual revenue $$$  
-You have a team and or are looking to hire a team
-You invest in your own education
© 2018 Charley Valher